Cumberland (Vancouver Island) Fire Eating Workshops

July 20, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
1455 Cumberland Rd
Courtenay, BC V9N 2G1

Shade Flamewater is coming to Cumberland, Vancouver Island to teach his world famous fire eating techniques! Group lessons will be held Saturday July 20th 2019.

Cumberland Fire Eating Workshops Schedule:

Saturday July 20th 2019
Beginner Class 12pm-2pm
Advanced Class 3pm-5:30pm
Super Advanced 6pm-8pm

A discount is available if you wish to take all the classes in one day. Please select Full Day to book in for classes at a discount!


1455 Cumberland Road, Courtenay BC V9N2G1


Beginner Class teaches introduction to fire safety, simple hand tricks, Jellyfish Extinguishes, Palm Extinguishes, Tongue Transfer, how to eat fire, and beginner vapour tricks.
Beginner Class is $60

Advanced Class teaches more advanced vapour techniques, including 5 ways to draw vapour, the Human Candle, Fire Balls, and more advanced vapour tricks.
Advanced Class is $80

Super Advanced Class continues on from the Advanced Class, and teaches more combination tricks; how to link vapour tricks, jellyfish and body transfers.
Super Advanced Class is $60

A Full Day ticket for all three classes is $150 (save $50)

What To Wear
Please wear natural fabric clothing like cotton, denim, hemp etc. Ideally a black t-shirt and jeans, something you don’t mind getting dirty! Please tie back any long hair! Gents with long beards should bring a hair-tie for that too. Please make sure you bring a water bottle for yourself, and we recommend you bring some food for yourself as it’s a long day for those of you taking multiple classes.

Hollow Fire Eating Torches for sale at the class!

Hollow Fire Eating Torches will be available for sale at $50 a pair on the day. We accept cash, credit card and Paypal.
What are Hollow Torches? Check out info, pics and video on our shop page here:

Buy tickets here: