Consent Culture Training

May 19, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
4 Corners
2441 Cousins Ave

*** We acknowledge this workshop is taking place on the traditional and unceded territories of the K’omoks Nation. ***

Would you like to learn more about how to talk to people about Consent and Consent Culture? Are you looking for tools to improve your interactions and relationships with others?

Consent culture is defined as one in which consent—and respect for individual autonomy— is considered paramount. But what would that look like? How do we go about creating a culture of individuality within the context of a nurturing community?

In this workshop we will examine:
– “Rape Culture” and “Dominance Culture”
– What Consent Culture would look like
– Specific ways we can, both individually and collectively, work to create cultures of consent.
– Examples of consensual communication and skills you can put into practice immediately!

This workshop aims to dive into a deeper understanding of consent culture; explore some of the more subtle ways that current cultural norms detract from it; and collectively brainstorm how each of us can work consent into our daily lives.

Payment is on a by-donation basis, suggested donation $10-$30.
No one turned away for lack of funds.


Our Mission is to empower individuals to connect fearlessly, through supporting cultures of open communication and consensual interactions.

We believe that a world where Consent is the basic foundation of every interaction is possible, and that such a world would provide more freedom, autonomy, and respect for all people, of all genders, race, orientation, age, and socio-economic status.

We host workshops, produce training materials, consult with event organisers globally, and have a growing team of trained and dedicated volunteers, our ‘Consent Ambassadors’.

We aim to:

Engage, educate and inform about Consent Culture in fun and playful ways.
Empower individuals with language around communication about expressing what they want, don’t want, or maybe need to think about more.
Encourage people to have conversations where it is okay to say No.
Encourage people to hear a No and respect it.

We do this by:

Creating, hosting and facilitating workshops on Consent and Consent Culture, to spread awareness and models of consensual communication.
Bringing our team of Consent Ambassadors to events to generate awareness about Consent.
Engaging in Community Outreach to event organizers and businesses to work on ways to improve Consent practices.
Training ambassadors to spread awareness and models of consensual communication.
Facilitating online and in person discussion groups on Consent Culture.

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